Brian Migchelbrink
Bedford, Ohio
Track photos coming soon.

Length  -  65 ft (@ 1 scale mile)
Trackmate 2000 timing with infra-red   
Built from Tomy track with a little Marchon
  in th infield.
Power supply - varies and needs upgrading.
Some of the Rides...
A slightly modified JL Ford.
cruising down the back straight.
Bedford Glens Raceway
A Nice Road Race Replicas Ford
(paint & driver by Brian)
A couple of custom trucks made
from drug store toys...
A Lindbergh 'Vette body takes
one of the infield's turns.
(Chuck did the sweet metal flake.)
Check out Chuck's paint work here.
Bedford Glens is a windy two-lane road course.
She's flanked by long straights that lead into gentle
15" radii turns. The infield took months to finally settle on.
It has a combination of 6" hairpins, 9" standard turns with  
Aurora Speed Corners, a nice parabolic turn and a few
short straights with chicanes. The course requires cars
with good top end for the two long straights,  but still
requires cars & drivers with good cornering to handle the
technical infield. Being a permanent track (that I may finish
landscaping someday...) much time, thought and testing
went into the design so it would always remain a
challenging course to drive on.