A photo tour of our warehouse -
We love to have customers visit our facility because we are proud of it.

The warehouse was built in 1920 and was the
rail car maintenance building for the Newburg
h & South Shore Railroad.
Coventry Steel employees (and contractors) spent 14 months renovating the
building and installing 160 feet of burning machines along with all related
With the addition of three new cranes, a new roof deck, and complete
replacement of all
utilities, the end result is a modern, efficient facility housed
within the original brick & steel of the 1920's construction.

Allow us to take you on a virtual tour........
Another workday begins with a
spring sunrise over the oxygen tank.
Master Flame-cutter Ron doin' it to some
2 1/2" A572gr50.
The front (and back doors) of our building
are the original 14 & 12 foot wide red oak
doors that passed railcars and
locomotives through them for decades.
A bird's eye view of the
Although some of the original rail
was removed during renovation,
we still retain two sidings for
rail service.
Here we have a flat car of plate
waiting to be unloaded.
Material is inspected and inventoried, waiting to be cut.
We stock A-36 & A572gr50 Plate up to 12" thick,
C1045 through 5" thick, and A-514, Ar400, and 4140 alloys.
Please proceed to page two, and we'll
show you how we
cut steel. (Besides, there's
no other
way off this page)
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